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Designed in Singapore, by Singaporeans, for Singaporeans, to meet Singapore's constraints.
Airport T4.jpg
ATRS @ Foodcourt

Our pilot project on Automatic Tray Return System (ATRS). Singapore, being the first to developed such unmanned system, there are a lot of challenges we have to face. The system was successfully rolled out in the foodcourt of Changi Airport Terminal 4.

AMK628 Main Station_edited.jpg
ATRS @ Hawker Centre

Currently, the most successful Automatic Tray Return System (ATRS) with the highest usage, least breakdown, ease of maintenance and hygiene. Implemented in Block 628 Ang Mo Kio Hawker Centre, there are 6 ATRS strategically located for users' convenience.

190518 Final.jpg
MTRS @ Sumang

This Mobile Tray Return System (MTRS) moves around to receive trays from patrons and automatically discharges the trays at the ATRS, without any human intervention (fully unmanned). Thus, making it the first in Singapore, or perhaps worldwide.

Auto Dump Flusher - View Front End1_edit
Auto-Flusher @ Central Dishwasher

Ideal for use in central dishwashing. The Auto-Flusher is designed to compliment any existing auto dishwashers to pre-flush and remove stubborn stains. To further enhance the efficiency, Auto-Loader and Auto-Sorter are incorporated to streamline the operation, thus reducing the reliance on manual labor. For other enhancement equipment, click on Product.

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