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Incorporated in Singapore since 1994.


Famex International was setup to provide advisory for various development projects in Mauritius. Since then, we have diversified into trading of electronics and automotive spare parts, till today.


In 2013, our company established a spin-off division to research, design and produce advance automation equipment, on the principles of innovative, intuitive, efficient, durable, ease-of-maintenance, and productive.

Our company aims to offer holistic approach towards productivity and innovation, by applying the latest technology to achieve highest quality and improve profitability for our customers.


Since then, we conceptualized numerous unmanned automated systems that totally eliminate the use of manpower within the process, hence increasing productivity tremendously and substantial savings for the companies. 


With the concept, we are able to design and produce machines based on these fundamentals, such as the Automatic Tray Return System (better known as the ATRS),  the Tray Collection Robot (better known as the MTRS), Dishwasher Integration Systems, other proprietary equipment, etc.


For the future, we are dedicated to explore and take on new challenges and technology to design and develop unique equipment according to customers’ needs. 


We pride ourselves as being dedicated to every opportunities, creative towards resolving difficulties, hardworking to ensure fulfillment and committed to ensure customers’ satisfactions.

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